Trying to lose weight? Scarsdale diet can help

People spend hours at gym, they starve for days, and they even try and control their craving for their favourite food but what do they get? If you are putting in your blood, sweat tears in something, you deserve results that show. Losing weight indeed is a tough nut to crack and people are giving it their all to lose inches, to achieve a great physique or a figure but sadly, results are not that impressive.  If you too are in the quest to lose weight, Scarsdale diet may help you. Emerged in 1970, Scarsdale diet was created to help people lose weight. This diet primarily is about reducing calories and carbs from one’s diet and increasing a certain amount of protein intake. The follower will also have plenty amount of water per day. This is basically a high-protein diet that is followed for a week or two. You cannot have snacks in between.Since, the diet has quick results. If followed properly, one can lose about 20 pounds in just two weeks. However, this diet is not helpful for long run as sustaining with this diet routine is a bit difficult. Is this diet healthy for you?
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